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Corsica Bed linen set
Corsica Bed linen set
Corsica Bed linen set
Corsica Bed linen set
Corsica Bed linen set
Corsica Bed linen set
Product Code: V9 Республика Беларусь

Corsica Bed linen set

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Incredibly delicate satin cotton bedding set Corsica from Nuage7 will ideally replenish the interior of the romantic style bedroom. Its color reminds the atmosphere of the Mediterranean island with the French charm. The smooth and soft surface of the textile reminds silk but at the same time the material is more firm and easy to handle. Set is highly hydroscopic and will give you comfort sleeping by warming in cold and cooling in heat.

Detailed description
* Pillowcase size
* Duvet cover size
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Neat seams, hidden trimming, firmness and lightness of the textile make it belong to the premium class.  The peculiarity of Set is a two-side duvet cover that lets change the design of the bedroom depending on your mood.

All bedding from Nuage7 can be bought as ready sets or you can match your own unrepeatable set.

cotton - 100%
Duvet cover size
duo - 150х215 cm, euro - 205х225 cm
Pillowcase size
50х70 cm, 70х70 cm
Sheet size
220х240 cm
mocha, pink
Set consists of
pillowcase - 2 pcs., sheet - 1 pcs., duvet cover - 1 pcs. (euro) or 2 pcs. (duo)
zipped pillowcases and duvet cover