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Nuage7 quality

NUAGE7 is the 7 principles of quality that we firmly follow in creating superior textiles.

1. Natural and environmentally friendly materials

To create our products, we choose exclusively natural, environmentally friendly fabrics - 100% linen and cotton satin. We gave up synthetic fibers in favor of your healthy sleep. Our tissues "breathe" and are suitable for any season of the year. A highly hygienic flax is useful for people with skin diseases, has anti-allergic, bactericidal and antiseptic properties.

2. German production technologies

The founders of our company come from Germany. That is why our production is based on the traditional German approach, scrupulousness in details, great attention to the practicality and durability of the products being created, the desire to apply new technological solutions.

3. Impeccable quality of fabrics

We use a reactive method of staining with high-quality stable dyes. The paint is associated with each fiber, becoming a part of it. As a result - the fabric retains color, remains firm and soft, resistant to washing, the pattern is as clear as possible, and the color is deep, saturated and very resistant. Satin, which we use to tailor our products has increased strength. Its density is 135 gsm (the standard index for satin is 115-120 gsm)

4. Environmentally friendly and innovative.

We are passionate about the idea of ​​ecological conscious consumption, so we are striving to revive the tradition of using natural materials. A flax, due to its durability and durability, deserves special attention. Its unique properties allow you to create truly stunning home textile products. We know how to make the flax things play in a new fashion - trend colors, modern design and new technological approaches, thanks to which the fabric becomes even more gentle and pleasant to use. We are constantly evolving, looking for new ideas and solutions to improve our product.

5. Additional processing of fabrics and factory tailoring

In view of that, flax and satin have their own unique features, we tried to take them into account all. By nature, harsh flax passes special treatment, resulting in a special tenderness and stunning softness. Satin undergoes the procedure of preliminary shrinkage. When sewing products from it, we specially lay additional centimeters of fabric, so that the thing retains its original size after washing. We also use a convenient concealed European fittings and a high-strength five-threaded seam.

6. Professional team.

All members of the NUAGE7 team are one big family, where everyone is passionately and enthusiastically busy with his business. After all, quality is not only a product, but also people who create it. Each employee follows the philosophy of NUAGE7 - serve the customer and improve day by day.

7. High quality standards

We personally visit factories and factories of our partners to get acquainted with the process of fiber processing, fabric production, etc. All products are certified and quality controlled. We control the production process at all stages. We make sure everything from the fabric to the fittings meets high standards.