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Andalusia ⅠⅠ Bed linen set
Andalusia ⅠⅠ Bed linen set
Andalusia ⅠⅠ Bed linen set
Andalusia ⅠⅠ Bed linen set
Product Code: 17С289 Республика Беларусь

Andalusia ⅠⅠ Bed linen set

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The linen bedding set Andalusia II from Nuage7 is made in sophisticated gray-rose color palette. Each night in your dreams it will bring you to the romantic walks on the ancient streets of the beautiful Spanish region. The material of bedding is treated in a special way and is very soft and comfortable for body, it ensures the temperature balance that is optimal for skin by warming you in winter and cooling in summer.

Detailed description
* Pillowcase size
* Duvet cover size
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The bedding set is manufactured on the advanced  equipment and meets the highest quality standards. It will retain its initial look after many washings and bring you joy form many decades. The feature of Andalusia II set from Nuage7 is wooden-like buttons on pillowcases and duvet cover that serve as a practical and attractive décor element.

linen - 100%
Duvet cover size
duo - 150х215 cm, euro - 205х225 cm
Pillowcase size
50х70 cm, 70х70 cm
Sheet size
220х240 cm
ashy-gray, ash rose
Set consists of
pillowcase - 2 pcs., sheet - 1 pcs., duvet cover - 1 pcs. (euro) or 2 pcs. (duo)
buttoned duvet covers and pillowcases