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Gift Certificates

You can order any nominal value of the Gift Certificate according to your wishes. The validity period of the certificate – 3 months from the date of the purchase.

The gift certificate has a unique number that needs to be entered in a special field when making the order so that the sum of the purchase could be fully or partially recalculated.

Rules of use of gift certificates

If during the above-mentioned validity period no purchase is made with the use of the certificate it turns invalid, its cost cannot be returned.

The participants of the discount program can use their points for the purchase of the certificate.

The gift certificates cannot be converted to money or the certificate of smaller nominal value.

The purchases with the use of the certificate are carried out one-time. In case the value of the certificate is higher than that of the purchased goods, the sum of the difference will not be repaid. In case the cost of the chosen goods is higher than the nominal value of the certificate the difference shall be added by the customer. Several gift certificates can be summed.

After the buying by means of entering the unique code of the gift certificate it becomes invalid.

The payment for the gift certificate by means of another gift certificate is not possible.

In case of loss or spoiling of the gift certificate it is not subject to recovery, the money for the certificate cannot be returned back.