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About us

Nuage7 brand is premium-class bedding and textile accessories, modern design, elegant style and excellent quality.

Mission of the company: to create textile for cozy home, strive for simplicity and elegancy in design being guided by the German quality and efficiency.

The philosophy of the brand Nuage 7:

We believe that home is the favorite place on earth for each man. The place where we take a rest, create, express ourselves. That’s why we put our hearts into the creation of each collection of Nuage7 bed linen and accessories. We think through the smallest details of each product. Our designers find inspiration in various sources: from latest fashion trends to cultural traditions, nature and travelling. Aspiration for the outstanding quality and use of the natural materials is a top priority of our company.

Nuage7 bed linen and accessories collections are created for those who values comfort, top quality, elegance, sophisticated style and modern design.

Our values:

Excellent quality: the manufacture of Nuage7 products is based on German traditions of quality. The highest quality of fabric and sewing technologies is the necessary requirement of the company for the creation of bedding and textile collections. In our products we use the materials of the highest quality, best types of linen and cotton what gives the bedding special softness, firmness, noble shine and makes it extraordinary pleasant to touch.

Modern design: Nuage7 is above all stands for the creation of things for life, things that express the spirit of home. We design collections in the style “minimal” with the use of original color palette for those who values neat and plain design and elegant style.

Sophisticated style and elegance: the art of living shows itself in details that surround us every day, in the uncatchable atmosphere of coziness and comfort. The elegant style of the bedding and domestic textile from Nuage7 will help highlight the mood and individuality of your home.

Individuality in everything: original design, attention to the details, German quality and elegant style – all this is Nuage7.